Love Changes Everything


Love Changes Everything

© 2006  Charles Gunn, Elton G. Witt

All the happy endings

A baby’s smile, a mother’s kiss

They owe it all to this

I have seen the wind moving through the aspen trees

I have seen a full grown man brought down to his knees

I have seen a village come alive when a church bell rings

Love changes everything

I have heard ancient words describe something new

I have heard a stranger’s voice praying for me and you

I have heard the laughter replace what pain should bring

Love changes everything


Where there is love, there is hope

Where there is hope, possibility

That the love inside you

Will clearly see the love in me

I have felt the anger fall away like melting snow

And felt the whole world stop, when I learned you loved me so

I felt my heart open wide; it brought my soul to sing

Love changes everything


For every question

One answer true, that doesn’t miss

It all comes down to this


LCE started with the hook and grew from there.  I don’t usually start with the words first, but I did on this song.  

In fact I wrote only the words, most of them anyway, when I brought the song to Chuck who developed the chords.

Chuck made some good edits on the lyrics as well.  

I really like the 3-part harmony at the end.