I Am Your Instrument


I Am Your Instrument

© 1999 Elton G. Witt

I don’t mind when you call me in the middle of the night

I don’t mind when you hold me up to the light

All that I feel I have to do

Comes from the joy of serving you


Heaven knows I am your instrument

Heaven knows I am your instrument

Of power and of grace

I don’t mind doing what might look like sacrifice

I don’t mind for love of one I don’t think twice

All the strength that can renew

Comes from the choice of serving you


I don’t mind standing up to sing your praises

I don’t mind what you return always amazes

All the love that passes through

Comes from the heart of serving you


This song started on guitar but didn’t really come into full being until Jeff added his e-bow guitar parts.  

We played this song at my very first concert, and Jeff played bass pedals with his feet while playing the e-bow!  

We re-recorded the tracks on this song several times trying to get it “just right”.