The Hole Story


The Hole Story

© 2005        Elton G. Witt  

adapted from a Poem by Portia Nelson

Chapter 1

You walk down your favorite street

There’s a great big hole at your feet

“It’s not my fault,” you say as you fall in

It takes a long, long time to get out again

Chapter 2

You walk down your favorite street

That hole’s still there. You pretend you don’t see it

You fall in and cry, “It’s just not fair”

But it still takes a while to get out of there


Climb the ladder: the road to success

Is paved with God’s intentions for your happiness

When you fall it isn’t a sin

You just get right up and start over again

Chapter 3

You walk down your street the next day

You spot that hole from a mile away.

Try as you might and with all of your will

You still end up there, a little mad, a little ill


Chapter 4

You walk your street.  You know where you are

Whose fault it is, and how you got this far

Things have changed, this story you know

You simply walk around it and away you go


Chapter 5

You walk down a different street



I discovered, or someone sent to me, the poem “Autobiography in Five Short Chapters” by Portia Nelson.  This poem and many others are available in the book “There is a hole in my sidewalk” available on Amazon.

After several slightly different live arrangements, we struggled a bit to edit ourselves when it came to the recording.  We had too many instruments.

But edit we did and it came out nice.  Jeff’s Cuatro is featured on this song.  

Ask Jeff about the drum.