Jeff ‘The Buff’ Stocki


Buffy says...

Through my work with Maríenne Kríetlow, I’ve been fortunate to meet and work with many talented artists.  Two of these artists are El’Tone Witt, as I like to refer to him, and “Chuckies” Gunn.  It is with proud pleasure that I share this project with all of you.  Countless hours went into making this project ‘just right’ and though there are still a couple of tweaks I’d still like to do, (no different from any other project), I think it came out as one of my best works.  El’Tone’s songs touch you right in the heart and I’ve received nothing but great feedback from those whom I’ve had the chance to share it with. 

Jeff “The Buff” Stocki grew up in North Tonawanda New York, within earshot of the mighty roar of Niagara Falls.  He started playing music so early he doesn’t remember ever not playing.  Buff played Bass guitar in several rock bands in New York during his teens and as he migrated South, he became the bass player for the Volumatix.  During his career, Jeff also began sitting in on Lead Guitar for various bands and fretless bass became his passion.  Now he spends his time recording other artists and working on his future studio in Wimberley, Texas.