When It Comes To Happiness


When It Comes To Happiness

© 1997  Elton G. Witt

Oh, many times in my life

I wished I’d not walked down this road

But now I realize I wouldn’t be

Where I am today,   Mmmm

Yes, there were many days in the past

Where I put on my back a heavy load

And gave the blame to anyone

Who seemed to get in my way


Those days are over now

I don’t walk when I can run

And I don’t sit in the dark

When I can play in the sun

Or fashion obstacles

That can’t be overcome

When It comes to happiness, I am the one

I used to cling onto things

Out of fear and senseless desperation

But now I’m holding on to love and life so differently

I spent so many nights torturing myself

Caught between truth and imagination

Believing I only had to wait and good would come to me


I used to moan and lament

Wondering why and where time went

But now I’m too busy sending back all this love raining down on me

I have sat carved in stone and all alone, foolish with reckless abandonment

When all I had to do was give a little bit of myself away


This one is pretty much my “theme song”, written after years of personal growth and transformations. Go figure. 

I had the good fortune to play this song on the Kerrville Folk Festival Stage!  I played it for a songwriting group and got very good feedback - the song title.  

This one uses the Double Dropped D tuning also.


This is the last song!

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