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I was born to a surprised mother who didn’t know she was having twins.  I grew up in south Texas near the border with Mexico and I think the multi-cultural background shaped me, but not as much as my childhood friend, Nancy, who lived 2 doors down.  She has an incredible imagination and our childhood lives were very rich in spite of the simple lifestyle of our small town, Elsa.  Luckily I had an aptitude for music, and she encouraged me throughout my formative years. My first instrument was “drums” which I played in high school band.  But I also taught myself guitar and piano, and love harmony singing in church.  My dad was a song leader.  I grew up on Beatles music and started writing songs in high school. 

I never did play music in bands - I sat in a few times when I could - including a couple of short gigs in college.  I finally took up music with more consistency in the mid 1990s when I started playing and writing songs again, while keeping my day job as a rocket scientist.  I found a great singing teacher and mentor, Maríenne Kreítlow, and she introduced me to the Unity church, which led me further along the path.  Maríenne also introduced me to Jeff, who is absolutely the most versatile and natural musician I have worked with.  Eventually Chuck showed up at church and we quickly fell in together.  Through Chuck I had a brief “stint” with Classical Grass.  Chuck and Jeff add so much. I cannot say enough except: listen!