Chuck Gunn


Born in San Diego, Chuck grew up listening to “Classic Rock” and began playing Bluegrass  and acoustic music on the guitar at age 12.  After playing his high school years in the award winning band “Mason Dixon Ramblers”, he ventured out into the Southern California Bluegrass scene,  pickin’ with and hangin’ with up and comers Ron Block, Stuart Duncan and Allison Brown; forming bands with folks from the Cache Valley Drifters and Tim and Mike Mullins in Santa Barbara. During this period he won several local/State flatpicking championships, and had a blast!!


Weary of the gorgeous weather and great times – and one step ahead of trouble – Chuck relocated in 1989 to Houston Tx. where he co-founded popular string music band “People with Hands” which recorded “Hands Down” in 1991. In 1996 he and Banjo virtuoso Kerry Jones joined forces to bring about “Classical Grass”, a unique mix of Classical/Texas/Bluegrass musics, releasing 3 albums (excuse me- CD’s) over the next 12 years –also showcasing the formidable talents of violinist Greg Ewer and bassist Andrew Moritz.

Chuck met Elton at a Unity church in 2001 and was blown away with his heartfelt spiritual songs. Jeff Stocki had been friends with Elton for years and the 3 began to make music from time to time. After gratefully playing several years with vocalist Mike Buentello (who named the band “Innerstate One”) , they hiccupped their way towards the recording process, and over the next 6-8 years began recording the songs on “ On Ramp”.

From Chuck: ”It has been well worth the wait. Kudos to Jeff and Elton’s spectangular skills.”I am supremely blessed (duh) to be included in this musical rapture. As Jeff (who plays anything that sparks his interest – very well, thank you) said after one session, “Given our backgrounds”( Rock/Jazz/Bluegrass) “we shouldn’t  be able to play anything together. It’s a miracle that we can actually do this, ya know?”

Can I have an AMEN.

Classical Grass 2004

“The Bluegrass Guitarist Pose”

Classical Grass 1998

C.S. Gunn, fretless player...


Me and my Mossman, 1981

Mason Dixon Ramblers 1980

Classical Grass, with Elton